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Fishing & horse riding at the Vltava lake reservoir

Fishing & horse riding at the Vltava lake reservoir

Fishing excursion, swimming & horse riding to Lake Side Village at the Lipno.

The Lipno lake reservoir is a paradise for anglers! In the lake there are a variety of fish species such as carp, pike perch, pike, whitefish, whitefish, burbot, rainbow trout, Aar, perch, catfish.

All important information such as closed season, fishing map … can be found here


Just next to Lake Side Village (just 5 minutes walk) is the farm with pony and horses.

  • Riding lesson about € 13, –
  • 4 people can ride at the same time
  • Children from 2 years old can ride a pony
  • Horses have a balanced character, according to the owner

Equipment can be borrowed for a fee.

Service details

  • Duration: individually according to agreement
  • Departure: Linz, other pick-up locations on request
  • Date: Individually tailored for you
  • Persons: 1-7
  • Sedan: Black Mercedes S500L 4 MATIC or Mercedes Business VAN
  • Price: € 319, – for the trip to Lake Side Village & back to Linz

Photo: ©Lakeside Village